ICFP 2021
Sun 22 - Sat 28 August 2021
Mon 23 Aug 2021 02:21 - 02:28 at HIW - Tools Chair(s): Daan Leijen

We present a tool GSOL, a confluence checker for GHC. It checks the confluence property for rewrite rules in a Haskell program by using the confluence checker SOL (Second-Order Laboratory). The Glasgow Haskell Compiler (GHC) allows programmers to use rewrite rules to optimize Haskell programs in the compilation pipeline. Currently, GHC does not check the confluence of the user-defined rewrite rules. If the rewrite rules are not confluent then the optimization using these rules may produce unexpected results. Therefore, checking the confluence of rewrite rules is important. We implement GSOL using the plugin mechanism of GHC and provide three usages: (1) a stand-alone command gsol, (2) checking by Cabal building, and (3) a Web interface http://solweb.mydns.jp/. We demonstrate confluence checking of the rewrite rules in the Arrow library.

GSOL: A Confluence Checker for Haskell Rewrite Rules (presentation.pdf)182KiB

Mon 23 Aug

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